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Jorge Ordonez , Spanien

2004 Old Vines Halbfl.

Displaying great richness, the 2004 Old Vines is a selection made by Ordonez and Kracher from the best grapes of the Victoria cuvee. The grapes are dried in a closed room under tightly controlled temperature and humidity conditions, and are then pressed and fermented. Reminiscent of a Vin de Paille, this wine possesses great acidity as well as incredible sweetness, but it is not cloying. Wonderful hazelnut, marmalade, coffee, and sweet, dried peach and apricot fruit characteristics emerge from this full-bodied, intensely rich wine. It should be served by itself as an after-dinner indulgence. (Wine Advocate)
0,375 l

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  • ArtikelNr. 100213
  • Alkoholgehalt 14%
  • Menge 0,375 l
  • Verpackungseinheit Flasche
  • Preis pro Liter € 127,81
  • Herkunft Spanien / Malaga / Malaga