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Chapoutier , Frankreich

1998 Hermitage blanc Vin de Paille Halbfl.

Nectar lovers will be amazed by the richness of this wine. The fully mature grapes spend two months on straw mats before being pressed. It exhibits a light gold color, with a texture resembling molasses. Despite being aged in 100% new oak, no wood is discernible. Its astonishing white truffle-scented nose includes notions of coffee, marmalade, and creme brulee. Extraordinarily dense and thick, with surprisingly good underlying acidity, this is a remarkable wine. Sadly, only 100 cases exist. It will last for 100 years, but it will be impossible to resist in its youth. (Wine Advocate)
0,375 l

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  • ArtikelNr. 800156
  • Alkoholgehalt 15%
  • Menge 0,375 l
  • Verpackungseinheit Flasche
  • Preis pro Liter € 381,89
  • Sorte(n) Cuvee
  • Herkunft Frankreich / Rhone / Rhone