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Niepoort , Portugal

1987 Vintage Port

The 1987 Late Bottled Vintage Port is an unfiltered field blend bottled in 1991. It comes in at 105.40 grams per liter of residual sugar. Like most of Niepoorts older LBVs, this has alluring flavor intensity. It is laced with similar flavors to the 1984 in this vertical: rich chocolate and a touch of nuts and that big rush of sugar. However, it also shows freshness, focus and depth with attractive complexity on the finish. Gentled and harmonious with age, it is nonetheless largely unbowed and undimmed, seeming completely fresh on opening and holding well. It eventually calms down and becomes simply charming, exuding lingering flavors on the gentle, and rather persistent finish. The next day, it hardly seems changed and remains pretty delicious. By Day 3, it emphasizes its complexity, but it is still awfully tasty. Whether you like this complex and mature wine better than the fresher young ones is a matter of taste, but this has held well.

Mark Squires/The Wine Advocate
0,75 l

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  • Herkunft Portugal / Douro